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    For those who wish to make a reservation please call us first and send us details by FAX. Phone number 076-421-3641 FAX number 076-456-5161

Information for group exclusive use menu

Please refer to the picture below.The budget will be adjusted within the range of 1500 yen (1620 yen including tax) to 2000 yen (2160 yen including tax).

  • A: This is a representative menu recommended by our shop "Echizen Seasoned Salad with Shochu Sushi" (1950 yen).

    There are no racing is 1650 yen (tax included).

    We do not use beef, pork, sheep meat etc at all, but we will respond if there is a person who wishes to devote food.

Arrange menu

  • B: If you want to avoid something like sashimi etc. you can serve salted salmon. Also a combination of noodles and bowls is possible.

    You can arrange salads, fruits, egg custard etc as options.

    The photograph is 2000 yen

The picture below is an example.We will arrange if you wish to tell me about budget and desired ingredients.

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